Sunday, February 24, 2013

A new Chapter

It's funny how God can bring things full circle.  Going from one mission trip through a time of stabilization to feeling inspired to go onto another trip.  Do I feel called to go on such a journey, no.  An yet it seems like its time to move on.

The problem with living in this perverse American culture is the easiest place of complacency.  We think we're going to be living good like this for the rest of our lives while at the same time I'm watching my country become a slave nation.  Sense this entire war on terror has started, we have lost so many freedoms and taxes has increased.  The Presidents health care is causing companies to crash while at the same time the news say's things are alright.

When you really look at the spiritual state of a nation its amazing how the people and the government directly relate with each other.  People have fallen for the lie that it's all right to continue in sin while professing to be a Christian.

Jesus said, "Be ye holy as I am holy"  Holiness is being set apart from the world.  Not to take yourself out of the world but rather live in an existence to please God.  This isn't easy because of what someone must give up in order to live.

In my personal life I'm taking biblical classes over at Asbury.  Although it may be seemingly spiritual, the end result is a piece of paper.  Interestingly though the giants of the scriptures hand neither paper nor big outward symbols saying they had graduated some school.  Take Amos for example, God called him while he was tending trees.

Is taking these classes really good for me?  There are some points that are interesting but overall, education cannot be a replacement for a personal walk with the Lord.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A new Journey

So often I have asked God "Lord use me".  I question now whether that was the appropriate choice of words over the years.

Joshua Ch1 We see a phrase repeated 3 times "Be Strong and of Good Courage".  In Ch 3 we see the Ark of the covenant going into the Jordan first before the people.

Israel was going into the Promised land with Joshua as the physical leader but ultimately
God had prepared the way and was leading them.

This brings me back to my question at the top.  Does God really want to use us? Or has the way already been prepared and God just simply wants us to take part in what He is doing.

Its hard to take part in His kingdom when you are caught up in your kingdom, which is why many of us Christians are frustrated or sleeping.

Right now in my personal life I've been praying over the Addicted, women who have or are considering abortion and those who are stuck in Human Trafficking.

  I spoke to the pastor at my church and even considered joining the church.  I even told the pastor that I believe God is sending me into that area I mentioned above.  I also got frustrated of the church, sending people everywhere and looking to do ministries in other parts of the world when our own backyard is a mess.

There is no need for my frustration, I just met a pastor this past Sunday I've never met before who works at the Lexington Rescue Mission.  He invited me to lunch so I met up with him on Wednesday and talked for a good bit only to really begin to see that God is preparing something for me to get into and I just need to be Strong and of Good Courage because God our good father is preparing it and has prepared it.

This Tuesday I'm going to be meeting with a group of other pastors and people from other churches who have a heart for the City of Lexington and Steve told me the Human Trafficking thing did come up last Tuesday before I mentioned it on Wednesday.  So I'm curious as to what Tuesday will Hold.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Giving up Control

In my life as a Christian I've been all over the place.  I've been to many countries and have experienced many emotions from love to fear only to find myself back to where I've started.  We may allow Jesus to come into the small corner of our hearts and we may be saved however have we given Him control?

It wasn't until about 4 weeks ago I had much fear going on in my life and much frustration.  Here I am, Jobless going to School, using my GI Bill of course to pay which was good.  Wanting a relationship just for the simple fact of having someone to talk to.  I was so ready to commit suicide just to hear God say "is going to turn out alright".  A good friend disarmed me from some of that just by having a simple talk.

Then Just last week on Tuesday God finally brought me to my knees to simply ask Him to take control.  The same minute I did that a peace came over me, a peace I hadn't ever felt and it was amazing.

Just as it is written:  Do not be anxious about anything but in everything with prayer and petition submit your request to God and the peace of God which transcends understanding will guard your hearts.  Philippians 4:6

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too much of the world and too much of God

Well, I'd say we are having a moral dilemma here in America.  Many Christians have too much of the world in them to be effective in ministry and too much of God in them to be anything in the world.  This is kind of a living hell which most people who truly want to live for Christ can understand.  Anyone who wants a good resource to write on go to this site.

There are some good helpful information on here and it again reinforces that we are all in this fight together.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Update on Adventure in Missions

Well time has passed and I've received no word from the BBB about AIM.  I really can't take them to small claims court for $7k.  Here in the state of Kentucky the max is $1500 before needing a lawyer to handle it.  By the end of it all it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Anyone who reads this please take deep consideration before joining Aim.  It may be better to just simply go one place at a time through a credible mission group.

I also read a review on google maps of Lakeshore Church in Rockwall TX.  This is the Church associated with Aim.  Here's what was said.

We tried the church three times. The first time the senior pastor was great. The second time, it was the youth pastor, and he was difficult to listen to. He wouldn't stop moving back and forth when he spoke, and he had very little "meat" in his message. It was full of short stories about himself, but no scripture teaching. The third time, it was the senior pastor again. This time he was very self focused, and acted like he was the one that church was all about. He spoke to his wife who sat in the front row and put her down in the name of humor. This is not a Christ centered church. It is a church of pastors who are working doing what they want to get bigger and hoping God will join in. 

Click on link to go to where the review is.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christian Relationships

To be honest with the world, I find Christian Relationships the hardest to have in this day of age.  We can have such legalism within the church and within our lives that we forget where we came from.  How we are sinners ransomed from death and we should live in memory of that.  Looking to each other with grace and not with Judgement or Condemnation but rather with the thought of how we can help each other out.

I guess this is really a selfishness issue that each of us have.  Myself included.  I desire to help people but I don't go where I don't feel invited to be.  That's just the way I am, I want people to invite me into their lives, I want to serve people and to love on people but if I'm not wanted there I won't go.  Granted I may be wanted but I don't ask or take the initiate to present myself into people's lives.